Hello there! Welcome!

We're sorry we can't show you around ourselves, but just follow the signs, and you'll be sure to find some interesting things. We still can't believe there are people interested in our lives, but when John Kenobi proposed this venture to us, we just couldn't ignore such a potentially profitable business...So feel free to look around our home, and be sure to buy a souvenir before you leave.

As for why we can't attend to your needs ourselves right now: we are currently on the run from a mad Barabel gambler who doesn't like to
lose...and that he did - rather severely. Well, his loss is
our gain, and once he finds that his quarters have been
emptied of all valuables, too, we expect him to set a few
hunters on our tails. But that's not really a problem.
Nothing that we aren't used to...that's our kind of life.

Any more questions? We remind you that this is a very new business for us, and so please allow for minor problems...and if you find yourself unable to view a certain part of our home, then please excuse us - we might just need that space for storage of one of our other business ventures [conspiratory blink]...come back in a few days, and we might have found a different hide-out, ah....store, for it, and the area can be viewed again safely.

We leave you now, wishing you a good time, and recommend visiting the Story area. Our fame is such that people have started writing about our little adventures, and we have collected these stories for public display. Please enjoy them.

Refreshments and souvenirs can be found at the back entrance. There is a rather exorbitant price on them, but you have to excuse us - we have to pay those taxes somehow...

View of our refreshment area at the back entrance. Don't mind Wuher (the Barman) being grumpy, he just doesn't like tourists...and 'droids.

You are the to our home.

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