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An article from the Balfron Daily Mail, 3 August 10 (NR)
researched and written by Kocr Gla'zak

In an interview with New Republic General Lando Calrissian recently, he had the following story to tell about his time on Balfron and about his friends:

The twins known as the Tonnika Sisters are renowned for their beauty, something which has saved their lives quite a few times.

They come from the planet Kiffex, and from a young age learned how to swindle money out of people. As children they did not have any role models, since they were abandoned. They were taken in by a Kiffex colony, but escaped when a stupid young scout landed on Kiffex for fuel. They entered the galaxy, and found that there was much more money to be had than just the pathetic pickings they had scraped on Kiffex.
Being twins, they both went by the name Bresenni when they were conning people. This meant that their victims did not know that there were two of them, and more often than not the victims would not realise until they had lost all their money and valuables. But one day they would be bound to scam the wrong person, and they did.

Grand Moff Argon was not a forgiving man, and when he had been conned out of 25,000 credits by Brea and Senni, he sent men to scour the Outer Rim Territories to find them. Running from the Moff, Brea and Senni continued to work their way through the wallets of the galaxy, and also did smuggling missions for Jabba the Hutt. It was on one such mission that they met Han Solo.
Han was overcome by their beauty, but had heard all about them and so kept his credit belt where he could see it. After he had been talking to them for a while, he decided to play a little trick on his friend, Lando Calrissian, then a resident of these parts.
He told the girls to play Bresenni, and to woo Lando. This worked perfectly, With Han's help "Bressenni" quite literally fell in Lando's lap while he was gambling at the High Stakes Casino on Balfron. For several weeks, Lando and Bressenni were almost inseparable, dancing at zero-g clubs, dining, and gambling. The pair fairly oozed charm. Calrissian began to think he was in love with the beautiful woman. Then, the mood swings started. Bressenni would go from happy and cheerful to angry and antisocial in very brief spaces of time. Despite the crazy shifts, Lando nevertheless decided to propose to Bressenni. As he knelt to ask her hand in merriage, the other sister came from another room, bearing a holoprojecter. On the disk was a message from Han Solo, having a good laugh at Lando's gullibility. Although he chuckled on the outside, Lando Calrissian promised himself he'd get Han back.

The twins went to Tatooine a few years later, where they had managed to get invited to Jabba the Hutt's seven week party. They knew it would be perfect for casing new victims.
But unbeknownst to them, there was another pair of sisters on Tatooine at the same time. These women were pretending to be Brea and Senni, and were in the Mos Eisley Cantina looking for a pilot. There they were arrested later when Imperials came in, some of whom were working for Grand Moff Argon. They managed to escape with the help of a Rebel spy, and left Tatooine.

Meanwhile, the real Tonnika Sisters were at the party having the time of their lives. After that they attended many more parties, and found many more wallets.